The Florida Coalition for Spoken Language Options

    The Florida Coalition for Spoken Language Options (the "Coalition") is a parent founded, driven, and led non-profit supporting the needs of families pursuing qualified listening and spoken language tools and services for their children with hearing loss. 

     The Coalition is, at its core, supportive of the right of parents and guardians to choose the communication mode best suited to meet the needs of their individual child, recognizing that there are many factors to consider and communication options. In focusing on the particular needs of families pursuing a listening and spoken language option, it is not the Coalition’s position that this is the best option for every child. It is, however, a particular area of need and the one that this not-for profit is organized to support.

     The Coalition works to facilitate and encourage collaboration between stakeholders and service providers to increase availability of and access to qualified services. Additionally, the Coalition provides parent mentoring, parent and public educational opportunities and resources on relevant topics, and facilitates an ongoing literacy program where participants complete literacy challenges and earn books and prizes mailed to their homes. The Coalition meets one on one, in groups, and via social media to proffer peer-to-peer, volunteer support to families throughout their child's journey.

Summer Reading

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Knox's Book Boxes

For Families: If your family is struggling to afford books for your child with hearing loss, apply here to receive a box of books customized to your child's development and interest levels at no cost. You must live in Florida and have a child with hearing loss. No financial information is required to apply.  Application

For Teachers of the Deaf, SLPs, and Early Intervention Providers: If you are a direct service provider for children with hearing loss in Florida and need books to help you provide those services, please apply for a book box here

Literacy Projects

Each year the Coalition conducts volunteer led language and literacy initiatives at no charge to families, reaching hundreds of children with hearing loss and siblings throughout the state of Florida. Children and families earn books by completing literacy and language challenges and receive parent education and mentoring. In 2023, children have received well over 500 books so far.

Additional books are available for families in need at no charge throughout the year through Knox's Book Boxes and service provider collaborations.

For more information or to sign up for upcoming literacy initiatives, email

Collaborative Partners

The Coalition partners with Listening and Spoken Language direct service providers and supporting organizations across Florida including           (Alphabetical Order):

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech

"Debbie School" - University of Miami Mailman Center Debbie Institute

Florida AG Bell

Individual LSLS Providers/Private Clinics

Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida, Inc

Susan Nittrouer, PhD - University of Florida Speech Development Laboratory

We Hear Here

Additional Collaborations on Specific Areas of Need

Get Connected

We love connecting families to the resources and services they need, including connecting with other families! We are all stronger together! If you would like to get involved, find out more about resources available to you, or have any questions, please reach out to or call 904-385-0115.

Please note that the Coalition does not sell anyone's personal information and will not give it to any company, organization, or entity except by the individuals' request.

Stay tuned for more resources and information as we build this page over time. Resources are always available by contacting us via email or phone. 

The Coalition has not received and does not accept government funding. It is run by the volunteer efforts of committed parents of children with hearing loss. As a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, your donations are tax deductible and will further our mission to help children with hearing loss access the services and support they need to thrive.  Donate Here

The Florida Coalition for Spoken Language Choices, Inc. is committed to equal opportunity without regard to age, disability, national or ethnic origin, race, religious belief, sex, political affiliation, or otherwise as may be prohibited by federal and state law.The Coalition has not received and does not accept Government funding. 501c3 Details: The Florida Coalition for Spoken Language Choices, Inc. (DBA The Florida Coalition for Spoken Language Options and Deaf Kids Can)EIN 85-2218837 Inquiries: Terri Fisk, President and Executive Director THE FLORIDA COALITION FOR SPOKEN LANGUAGE CHOICES, INC. REGISTRATION#: CH64175 EXPIRATION DATE: January 22, 2025"A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435- 7352) WITHIN THE STATE. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE."