Financial Aid Resources

Grants, Scholarships, and other Financial Aid: 

Financial Aid for Listening and Spoken Language Services - 

AG Bell Parent Infant Financial Aid

AG Bell Preschool Financial Aid

AG Bell School Age Financial Aid

United Healthcare Children's Foundation Grant

Family Empowerment Scholarships

Financial Aid for Hearing Technology and Batteries - 

Florida's Children's Hearing Aid Fund - This fund also covers things like FM/DM systems and cochlear implant processor replacements. Please refer to the program website for an up to date list of what is covered and qualifications.

Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida

United Healthcare Children's Foundation Grant

Miracle Ear Fund

Other Financial Aid: 

Social Security Disability:

Profound hearing loss is a qualifying disability. However, for cochlear implant recipients that automatic qualification extends for one year after implantation. After that, continued eligibility is based on audiological test results. 

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The Coalition is, at its core, supportive of the right of parents and guardians to choose the communication mode best suited to meet the needs of their individual child, recognizing that there are many factors to consider and communication options. In focusing on the particular needs of families pursuing a listening and spoken language option, it is not the Coalition’s position that this is the best option for every child. It is, however, a particular area of need and the one that this not-for profit is organized to support.