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Parent Hacks and Tips

Parents often spend hours and hours searching for troubleshooting tips and products that can help optimize wearing, protection, or function of their child's hearing technology.  The following ideas are parent submitted. They are not paid endorsements. Please research each product before purchasing and make sure that the products or tips will not void your warranty or cause any danger or harm to anyone. This is merely a parent-to-parent resource and not an official endorsement by the Coalition. If you would like to submit an idea, please email (Tips must come from parents or individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please do not email an endorsemnt of your own business). 

Retention Ideas

We know that it is crucial to follow the "eyes open, ears on" practice to give our kids enough langauge and listening exposure to close developmental gaps. Whether for little ears or a trip to a theme park, we have all found ourselves searching for the best ways to keep those processors or hearing aids in place. Here are some ideas to consider along with some tips for keeping technology on at different ages.

Favorite Products

These are products that families say they wish they had found sooner. Please check any product you use to be sure it is safe to use with your device and child. 

Parent Submitted Tips

Parent Favorite Stores

We all love to share the great solutions we've found for our kids! These are Etsy and other stores that parents have recommended. The Coalition is not affiliated with and does not profit from these businesses, although some owners may be Florida parents. Like the other tips, this is a parent-to-parent resource and a place to get started. Please use your discretion and thoroughly check any product or store before purchasing. 

MZCochlear - Representative toys and clothing including all hearing technology - run by a Florida parent

HappyLittleEarsCo - Innovative headbands and hats for hearing aids with mesh over the aids 

HearLikeMe - Representative toys with implants, hearing aids, and BAHAs

AButtonAndAStitch - Handmade inclusive plush dolls for a variety of exceptional needs and hearing technology

DEAFinitely Bold - Cochlear implant skins

GenieBands - Soft headbands 

The BAHA Bowtique - BAHA Softbands 

Purple Cat Aid Charms - BAHA, CI, and Hearing Aid Softbands

Born BAHAutiful - BAHA Retention Clips

CielMiel Apparel - Representative/Inclusive toys and apparel solutions including BAHA accessible hats, Softbands, Safety Lines, and Hooks

SoundsAboutSabs - Replica hearing technology for toys

Cochlear Apparel - Representative toys and clothing

Headbands for Sophia - Cochlear and hearing aid headbands

EarSavers - Decorative retention clips

Deaftastic - Hearing aid decorations

MyEarHeadbands - Cochlear implant softbands

EarSuspenders - Retention headbands

HearingHenry - Retention headbands

MillyRoseBows - Hearing aid and implant adjustable retention headbands

This website and any links are provided for educational purposes NOT medical or legal advice. For those purposes, please consult the appropriately licensed professionals. 

The links provided on this website are to resources that parents and professionals have found to be helpful and educational.  As the internet is a dynamic and ever changing environment, it is possible that a linked resource could contain information not endorsed by the Coalition. The Coalition stands adamantly opposed to any discrimination or harassment in regard to age, disability, national or ethnic origin, race, religious belief, sex, political affiliation, or otherwise as may be prohibited by federal and state law. 

The Coalition is, at its core, supportive of the right of parents and guardians to choose the communication mode best suited to meet the needs of their individual child, recognizing that there are many factors to consider and communication options. In focusing on the particular needs of families pursuing a listening and spoken language option, it is not the Coalition’s position that this is the best option for every child. It is, however, a particular area of need and the one that this not-for profit is organized to support.