Pediatric Hearing Loss - 

Deaf Kids Can!

“I’ve Never Known A Child Who Is Deaf!”

    Approximately 90-95% of children with hearing loss are born to parents with typical hearing. In fact, since pediatric hearing loss is a low incidence disability, most parents of children with hearing loss have never personally known any children who are deaf. Find out more about pediatric hearing loss here and here.  

Meeting Other Children and Families

    An initial diagnosis of any level of hearing loss can be overwhelming for parents. We have so many questions about what is possible for our children and how to help them. For most of us, we vividly remember the first time we met an older child with hearing loss and the overwhelming relief when we realised that our baby will be ok. 

     If you are the parent of a child with hearing loss, we would love to help connect you to other families for support and encouragement on this journey. Reach out to us at for more information. In the meantime, the links below will take you to videos and articles where you can virtually “meet” some of the children (and now adults!) in our community. 

Marco, Garrett, Chase, Ricky’s Speech (Ricky’s Article),Tanya, Elena LaQuatra, Zoe, Caroline, Leighton

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